Fumigation of Wood Pallets, Wood Packages, Handicrafts

Fumigation according to international standard ISPM 15

Standard ISPM 15 provides Phytosanitary measures to reduce the risk of import or spread of disease and insects through packaging materials, dunnage by wood (Wood Packing Materials) made from coniferous wood or other raw wood used in international trade

Customers who export goods from Vietnam using wood pallets, dunnage from raw wood will be fumigated with Methyl Bromide (CH3Br) by the FCC company and stamped in accordance with the standard - FCC Code which was certified by Vietnam Plant Protection Department as code VN – 009.


 Fumigation Standard ISPM 15 

International standard for handling pallets, dunnage by wood


Guidance on regulations for wood packaging materials in international trade

Scope of application:

This standard specifies phytosanitary measures to reduce the risk of import or spread of disease and insects related to wood packaging materials (including dunnage materials) made from coniferous wood or other raw wood used in international trade.


 1. Establishments:

Wood packaging materials are usually made from unprocessed or treated raw wood to eliminate and destroyed pests and thus is a pathway for the invasion and spread of pests. In addition, wood packaging materials are commonly re-used, recycled or remanufactured (the packaging materials of a re-entry shipment for packing for other shipments for export).

 It is difficult to determine the true origin of wood packaging materials, so the phytosanitary status of these materials can not be asserted. Therefore, the risk analysis process to determine what measures are needed and to strengthen these measures frequently is not possible for wooden packaging materials because of the source and status of the quarantine. Their object is not identifiable.

 Therefore, this standard provides that approved measures are globally accepted and applicable to all wood packaging materials for all countries to eliminate risks for most plant quarantine pests, and significantly reduce the risk from other pests that may be associated with packaging materials.

 Wooden packaging materials are under stipulated:

This guideline applies to packaging materials made of coniferous wood and other types of wood which may be way invasion of plant pests that pose a major threat to live plants. They may be pallets, lifting plates, dunnage, logs, trunks, wooden boxes, supports, belts and other inserts that most consignments of imported goods have, including shipments, normally, the cargoes of the shipments are not subjects to be quarantined.

 Approved the fumigation methods for wood packaging materials:


a/ Heat treatment:

The wood packaging material is heated in accordance with the specified temperature and time, in order to achieve a minimum temperature of 56°C at wood core in 30 minutes of time. Heat treatment is expressed in HT in the standard mark.


b/ Methyl bromide fumigation (MB):

Wood packaging materials (pallets, lifting plates, dumpers, logs, boxes, boxes, belts and other inserts) should be fumigated with Methyl Bromide. This treatment is recorded in MB in standard marks. Minimum standards for MB fumigation for wood packaging materials is minimum temperature of fumigation is not less than 10°C.

The list of the most dangerous pests must be treated by HT or MB:

Nhóm dịch hại sau liên quan đến nguyên liệu đóng gói bằng gỗ sẽ được loại trừ bằng biện pháp xử lý HT và MB phù hợp với quy định tại danh mục trên:

 The following group of pests associated with wood packaging material will be treated by HT and MB in accordance with the provisions of the above list:

Pest Group:

Insect: Anobiidae






Lyctidae (with some exceptions for HT)




Nematode: Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

 Stamp for approved fumigation:


IPPC - International Plant Protection Convention.

The above stamp affirms that the wood packaging material bearing the seal has under treatment the approved measure.


The seal obligatory:

- Symbol.

- 2-digit country code followed by a certain number assigned to the fumigation body by the National Plant Protection Office.

- IPPC abbreviations for approved measures (eg HT for thermal treatment and MB for treatment with Methyl Bromide).


The seal obligatory:

- According to the law.

- Clearly, easily to read.

- Firmly printing and not fading.

- Main and face sides positioned, at least two opposite sides of the certified objects.

- Avoid using red or orange colors, because these colors are often used for dangerous goods labels.


If you buy wooden pallets, wooden boxes for export, we will fumigate and issue certificates under ISPM 15, carefully fumigation your shipments to ensure (especially export to Europe) you not meet the trouble of legal procedures. Contact us for detailed advices!

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