Pest Control for Hotels and Restaurants and Warehouses and Constructions

Pest control is management the human environment, protection people of family, relatives, friends against pests., The pest control is not only for to control insects in warehouses, factories... but also to destroy or inhibit the growth of organisms, mold...

Our pest control services are inclusive:

  1. Pest control for cleaning up insects in the environment: It is the effect of preventing and protecting the surrounding environment: schools, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks,...
    1. Pest control by fumigation method in warehouse: To protect goods, paper documents from mold & insect infestation.
    2. Pest control in the dairy industry, workshops, food processing, shrimp processing, fish, cattle and poultry processing...
    3. Pest control in the livestock farming: stables, farms, cages, breeding areas... to deodorize bad odors and protect animal health, prevent infectious diseases.
    4. Pest control for transportation means, tools, seafood markets, poultry and cattle.


  1. Periodic pest control:

-          To be carried out at certain times to prevent epidemics, environmental pollution and contamination of animal products, including the following:

  • Initial pest control: 7 days before the livestock farms, slaughterhouse, processing sites, place of sale begins to operate and it needs to perform at least 3 times.
  • Pest control before re-production after a postponed time: If the processing lines have stopped production for 15 days or more, they must be disinfected by pest control before 3 days of the production.
  • Regular to perform the pest control: For slaughtering and processing sites, markets are conducted before and after each shift, every two weeks and once a month for livestock farms.
  1. Abnormal pest control (emergency): It is carried out when an infectious disease occurs.



-          To check the objects to be pest control, to prepare adequate materials, equipment & to make the plan implementation

-          Firstly, to clean up the areas mechanically for pest control

-          To cleaning the floor, dust in the wall to prevent dust and germs spreading into the air

-          To cleaning tools, to wash the floor for reducing some micro-organisms that remain on the surface, do not leave the standing water to the area to be performed

-          The technical staff mixes the appropriate amount of pesticides with water, using ULV or STIHL machine can adjust the volume of spray chemicals and spray size

-          The pesticide mix is sprayed to the surfaces in order: ceiling, wall, partition from top to down direction.

-          To spray the floor, the area to be treated, the area of the door...

-          The performance is done from clean area to dirty area, zigzag line with 80-120ml/m2



-          To determine the object for pest control performance

-          Time of performance

-          Time & dosage of pesticides

-          To comply the safety requirements for users

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